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Communities Bound is proud to annouce a third camera at our Castle Rock affiliate.

Communities Bound is proud to annouce a third camera at our Castle Rock affiliate.  

Great Job CastleRockbound.net 


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Our Castle Rock Website in Colorado webcams

Castlerockbound.net did a great job this week with the fires in Colorado and we love their webcams!

I-f you are interested in your own site in your own town,  give us a call for a 720-248-8285 for an information packet. 


Communites Bound Announces a new website in Castle Rock, CO

Bringing Communities Together Nationwide

Communities Bound is thrilled to announce that we have signed up http://www.CastleRockBound.net to the Colorado and National Community Bound Network. If you have any friends in the area, please tell them about it. Castle Rock Bound has some webcams in the works too. 

Congratulations Cindy! They are taking off quickly! 

Below is our Press Release



The publisher of The Connection, Communicator, Villager and Pradera community newsletters, Cindy Welch, is the new owner of http://www.castlerockbound.net. The new Colorado community website is designed to provide a platform for local information, discussion and unique access to the local business community. This exciting new site is free for members and allows them to discuss a wide variety of topics as well as find updates on local events, news, weather and traffic unique to the Castle Rock area.

“We not only encourage, but are reliant on members’ active participation,” said Cindy Welch, the site’s owner. “Our ultimate goal is that the site is not only a valuable community resource, but that it is fun for everyone involved.”

CastleRockBound.net also takes a unique approach towards supporting local businesses by making available to them, their own unique and individual business forum. The forum gives them an active voice in the community and helps them demonstrate knowledge and expertise in their field. This new concept in advertising is very different from the traditional advertising routes normally available to our local business community. “Our local business partners are provided with a true communication forum, allowing them to interact with the community.” said owner of the site, Cindy Welch. Cindy has published community newsletters and direct mail print marketing in the Castle Rock area for over 15 years and has lived in Castle Rock for 27 years. “I’m excited about the immediate access to information on the website and the interactive aspect that gets people talking and involved with local business and the community.”

“As a part of the larger Communities Bound network, http://www.CastleRockBound.net will have the ability to connect with other communities around the country”, said Robyn Honsey Owner of Communities Bound LLC,http://www.communitiesbound.com. “We are so excited to have them as a new affiliate and believe Castle Rock is going to benefit greatly from this opportunity.”

The Castle Rock Bound team believe this connection and visibility will also benefit the local economy as the site becomes the on line information destination for the area. Please visit them today! 


Contact Information:
Castle Rock Bound

Welcome Our New Affiliate! SmokyHillBound.com!

Smoky Hill Bound!

Communities Bound

SmokyHillBound.com is an affiliate of Communites Bound, LLC, a national network of community websites designed to provide a platform for local information, interesting discussion, and unique access to the local business community.  Membership to www.SmokyHillBound.com is free and we have hyper local information including updates on local events, our weather and our traffic which is often unique to this area.  We also want all visitors to have an active voice in the further development of the site.

The members of the Smoky Hill Bound team, have been long time residents of the Smoky Hill/South East community.

Robyn Honsey, also a co-founder of Communities Bound, has been a resident of the Smoky Hill area for 25 years. Robyn’s children both attended Cherry Creek schools and, now grown, continue to live in the area. Robyn and her family are one of those rarities – all are Colorado Natives – Robyn says “she can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Alice Meyung is a native of Colorado.  She has a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo and has been an instructor for over ten years.  Alice graduated cum laude from Colorado College in 2010 with a BA in English, Creative Writing.  She loves the outdoors and all of the natural opportunities the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer!

SmokyHillBound.com strongly feels that a locally-owned community website is essential to the residents living here, so we are committed to providing this service.SmokyHillBound.com is here to provide residents with a platform to communicate, discuss, share, and to perhaps argue about the issues that affect us most; all while hopefully having fun in the process. We joined the CommunitiesBound.com network, because we believe it provides a local and national platform for Smoky Hill residents to have their voices heard and to exchange information. We are also committed to the local business community and offer a series of forums, so customers may learn of, appreciate and grow accustomed to the many resources available from the local merchants. Our local business partners are provided a forum to communicate their knowledge and expertise and highlight the many values they provide to the Smoky Hill Community.

www.SmokyHillBound.com, is a site for and about its members, and as such we value your input and suggestions. Please contact us at ContactUs@SmokyHillBound.com at anytime with your thoughts on how we can continue to improve your experience, and with your ideas as to how we may help to improve the Smoky Hill community.

With our most sincere thanks to you,

The SmokyHillBound.com staff

The new Bound Sites are up and Ready to go

Evergreenbound.com and www.HighlandsRanchBound.com are our newest affiliates. Check them out or let people know if they live in those areas there is a new community site. Highlands Ranch (HRBound.com) will be quickly expanding into Parker and Castle Rock and Evergreen is going to be expanding into Summit County andGolden. Contact us if you are interested in your own Community Bound affiliate.

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